Oh, hey!

Ok, so I’m going to admit something: I have no idea what I’m doing. There. 

Hello, I’m Abi :))

(eeeurghhh that was cringy)

I’m creating this blog because I want to achieve something. I don’t define achievement by gaining thousands of subscribers or being sent freebies (although that would be nice), but keeping this up for even a month would be something. 

I’m 17, and I’ve just began my A levels.

So. Much. Work.

The one thing people told me before I began my A levels was that the workload would be unreal. ‘It’s only three subjects’, I thought. ‘It can’t be that bad’


So the system has just changed, and we were advised to take three subjects rather than four. Having done reasonably well in my GCSE’s, I ignored this, and took english literature, geography, maths and psychology.

This was a nightmare.

Ohhhh maths. Believe anyone who tells you this; maths A level is a very very big step up from GCSE. Not only is the change in difficulty unimaginable, but the amount of homework was actually impossible to complete. At GCSE, I was comfortably in the top set, but here I was easily at the bottom of the class.

Yeah, before half term I had dropped that. 

So here we are: half term. 

I’m doing courses that I enjoy, and whilst the work is tough, that’s ok because it’s interesting.

(I’m sure this time next week, on the night before I go back, I’ll be moaning about having left my work to the last minute… but let’s leave that for the moment)

I don’t want to tie this to anything; I’ll discuss the things I’m passionate about. Books, music, school, friends and anything else that feels important. 

I really hope there are people who are with me, and want to join me for this foreign experience!

‘to live is the rarest thing in the world, most people just exist’

– Oscar Wilde


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