Now, this post could be really helpful. ‘Could’. Of course it won’t be.

Procrastination is definitely my forte; I’m not sure how, but it seems to take me years and years to complete simple tasks that should take less than an hour.

I have lots of work to do; a test tomorrow, 15 pages of chapter summaries, an exam question, to make more revision notes. But how much will I really get done?

Sooooooo, instead of doing actually important work, I thought I’d write a blog post! Every time my brain wanders onto a topic that’s not psychology revision or english notes, I’m going to make a note of it :))

Well this is going to be equally  interesting and embarrassing. Lets go:

1) Ooohh, lets write a blog post

2) actually, wait. I need the loo.

3) I’m cold… tea! I’m going to make tea!

4) *opens group chat*… who’s wearing fancy dress to school tomorrow?

5) right, the tea

6) am I hungry?

7) those crisps were definitely worth it

8) I still need to make the tea

9) is there a window open?

10) abi. make. the. tea.

11) but the psychology test is tomorrow

12) oohhh I like this song

13) *starts singing*

14) repeats song

15) repeats song many times

16) ok, ok. Back to psychology

17) actually this song is quite good too

18) hmm… I really fancy some chocolate

19) maybe I should stop this now, and actually do some quality revision!

20) I really did intend to go work, but leaving on an odd number was annoying me

Maybe this little snapshot of my evening was interesting? Who knows. It was certainly interesting to write!

‘we are the choices we make’- Patrick Ness, The Knife of Never Letting Go

Choices are important, even small ones. Right now, I’m choosing to do productive work (eventually), so i can go to a really good university and do a fun interesting course. It might be something bigger or more important; that doesn’t matter. Every choice will work out. Think about it –  we got to where we are now through the choices we made, and if we had done things differently, we may be in an entirely different place!


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