The other side of sunsets 

(No pun intended)

Picture the sun as it sinks through the sky, casting glorious rays of pink and red and gold through the crisp winter breeze. Picture the skyline as it slowly blazes in a passionate flame, the winking stars that smile through the sky as they step out from their hazy hiding place. And picture the timid, velvety blues of the night sky as it cautiously cloaks the world in darkness. 

Yet, in some parts of the world the opposite is occurring; the sun is creeping forwards, bathing shivering trees and rigid houses and bustling people in glowing halos. Children pull back their colourful curtains and gaze at the morning sky in wonder as their parents pass them clothes and tie back their hair. Everyone, even if only for the most fleeting second, casts a glance in awe at the sky. 

For me the day is finishing, but for many others it’s only just beginning. 

So why do we have to wait for things. Why do we put off ‘turning over a new leaf’ until new year, or vow to get on top of work after half term, or grow a mustache but only in November? Because somewhere in the world, something is beginning. Even at the deepest, most isolating point in the dead of night, somewhere else is alive and hustling with sounds and smells and bright, bright colours.  

I think what I’m trying to say is this:

Don’t look for ‘legit’ excuses. Do what scares you. Do the thing you’ve been dreading for months. I believe you can. Because that feeling of accomplishment will be quite amazing.

‘I love the silent hour of night,

For blissful dreams may then arise,

Revealing to my charmed sight

What may not bless my waking eyes’-Anne Brontë


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