For my grandma

When it comes to expressing emotion, gratitude and thanks, I find myself at a complete loss of words. Not that I have no thoughts, for I have plenty, but these thoughts do not form literate sentences between my head and my mouth. So I’m using the words of Oscar Wilde to help me.

‘Ultimately, the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation’

And this is true. My grandma was skilled at the art of conversation; she was kind and friendly and welcoming, and made everyone feel special and important. And, looking round at everyone here, it’s clear she formed magnificent friendships with many, many people.

In today’s society, it’s difficult to form true, sincere friendships. But my grandma was an exception, and it’s evident she was really loved.

Again, in the words of Oscar Wilde:

‘The aim of love is to love, no more, and no less.’ And Grandma was loved. That’s evident. And she will most certainly be missed.

From your favourite granddaughter, love you Grandma. I’ll miss you.


2 thoughts on “For my grandma

  1. This is lovely. She sounds like she was an amazing lady. I’m sorry to hear she’s no longer around. This sounds cheesy and fake, but it’s true-you carry a part of her and everything she’s taught you within you. I hope you’re okay, I’m here if you need someone x

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