Organisation is kind of important

This is a new realisation of mine. One of my main goals for sixth form is to stay organised, keep on top of my notes and meet deadlines; at the moment, this is going really well!

So in September, I used an actual planner. I’d write my homework down in the little boxes, and then the subject and the date it was due. Now, this didn’t last long. Maybeeee 2 weeks? The thing was, it was soo messy. Having to scribble down what my teacher was saying within the narrow lines (and trying to keep it as neat as possible) was hard, and the general messiness really annoyed me.

So then I moved onto my next system: a ‘note’ on my phone, with different sections for each subject. When the teacher told us the work, I simply type it in the corresponding section, along with any extra notes/guidance and the due date. This was much more visually pleasing; I had as much space as I needed, and it was so much clearer to see what I had to do for each subject all in one place. One thing that I didn’t like, however, was my lack of order. Yes, I had subheadings for each subject, but say I came across a quote that I liked in english and I didn’t have the text on me, or I found a piece of music I really wanted to learn… It got stuck at the bottom of the note. This soon became a mess of quotes, books to read and things that (looking at them now) make no sense to me.

Upgraded system: OneNote. The idea of this was perfect; a note, but with different ‘tabs’, so within my subject notes I could have different sections. But this really didn’t work. The work I had to do wasn’t all in one place, which meant that things were forgotten. Aka unnecessary last minute stress. No thanks.

And so, welcome to my final system: a bullet journal (which I use alongside the note on my phone). I really love how versatile this is; depending on my mood, my bullet journal can be a creative outlet, somewhere to write or just a place to list jobs. I find that having what I need to do written out in front of me is really calming; most of the time, any anxiety or stress I feel around deadlines or school is due to my brain over exaggerating, and making things much more daunting than they really are.

I have too much to say about this, so I think I’m going to write another post entirely dedicated to bullet journaling (yes, I know I keep saying that about other topics, but I actually will this time!). Meanwhile, here’s a pic of the start of this week, I think I’m really getting the hang of the whole bullet journal layout/idea :))


‘First love can break you. But it can also save you’ – Katie Khan, Hold Back The Stars


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