How to be more productive

So lately I’ve been having trouble with writing an english essay. I’ve tried various methods to be more productive so I thought: why not share them with you!

Make  it colourful. For me, colourful, aesthetically pleasing notes are so much nicer to look at, and therefore make having to use them to study much less daunting.

Break it into smaller, more manageable chunks. This makes the amount of work seem much smaller, and therefore les intimidating.

Change your location. This was the best thing for me: I went to a coffee shop, where there was hardly any distractions, and I actually finished the essay :))

Music! I’m really enjoying ‘The Japanese House’ at the moment, especially to work to. Their music is so chilled, and it’s such a great background noise which blocks out any distractions, but also keeps me calm and grounded. 

Give yourself a deadline. I work so much better if there’s a strict deadline as then I feel as though there’s something to bind me.

Surround yourself with productive people… If they’re going to motivate you. I have to be in a certain mood for this, but sometimes if I’m surrounded by my friends being productive then I feel bad and I also buckle down and work. 

… Or hide away until you’re finished. Other times, anything and everything distracts me, and the only way to things done is to completely isolate myself where there’s minimal distractions. 

Take breaks. I need to do this to keep sane, enough said. 

‘Will I ever be more than I’ve always been?’- a song in Dear Evan Hansen


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